For those who don’t know me, I am a 52 year old, disabled widow. I have yet to be approved for disability. I’m very poor, I keep the internet as a necessity, it is how I do online applications for help, how I research prices, and how I get a lot of coupons. (when my printer cooperates) The internet is also my entire social life and entertainment.


Having to ask others for help is so embarrassing, but God has Blessed me through others so often. I have no children or grandchildren (duh) so the gifts I receive from others have really kept me going.


It’s funny how going without something really makes you appreciate it when you have it again.

I went 19 months without TV, having one now still feels like a brand new novelty. Heck I even watch the commercials .

My yard had been overgrown and disgraceful. Now I love taking my morning walks around it everyday. The critters and I do several laps and have the best time!

For a good while before Leeds Outreach and food stamps, after Tim and Momma died, I pretty much lived on Ramen noodles, rice, and dried beans. Now I get to feast on fresh vegetables, fruits, fish, and other healthy foods.



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