This is from Thursday, April 20.   My husband died on March 3,  2015.  This is about the first date I have accepted since my husband died.


Well I’m back home. Randy told several people that it was our first date, so that cleared things up in my mind, not just hanging out as friends.

We’re going to Pinson tomorrow night for revival. I like the idea of a council of churches taking turns hosting different nights. First Baptist (where I grew up) revival week was just at First Baptist every night.

I had a new experience tonight at church, fun! Adult church for me has always been anxiety-inducing. Stay perfectly still until told to stand or sit, don’t open your mouth except to sing. Tonight was freeing, I felt no anxiety at all. Tonight’s service was at a church in Gate City and everyone was so loving, kind, and welcoming.

Randy was a perfect gentleman, he put his arm around me a couple of times and made sure to introduce me to everyone he knew. A gentle kiss goodnight was the perfect ending to a perfect first date.


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